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British Bangladeshi Who’s Who flying high with Biman

By  Rashed Belal :: The achievements of the Bangladeshi community in the UK are not countable in numbers anymore. 

The roots of Bengali people are now planted deep into the community in all sectors including education, medicine, politics, law, business and media.

The Bangla Mirror Group, one of the front runners of the Bengali media in UK, has been working tirelessly to publish the British Bangladeshi Who’s Who for last six years. Which pens the successes and achievements of the highest flying British Bangladeshis with a view to enlightening future generations.  Who’s Who, which started its journey in 2008, has been awarding British Bangladeshi Who’s Who awards to the significant achievers in different sectors.

Who’s Who has recently achieved one of its many recognition of success from Biman, the national flag career of Bangladesh. Copies of the publication will now be available on board for their passengers . Biman commented that the partnership saw both commercial and community benefits for both parties involved. This sophisticated and hugely significant publication is edited by lawyer and Barrister Shahadoth Karim, who is the son of Abdul Karim Goni, editor of only English newspaper published for the Bengali community in the UK; the Weekly Bangla Mirror.

News of the part ship with Biman was provided to the media in Canary Wharf’s Director Board room in a meeting which was held on last 27th January.  He told that from now on, everyone travelling in London-Sylhet-London fight will have the opportunity to read this publications while on board.

Shahadoth emphasised that, even though we have been born and brought up in the UK, we are still proud of our home-country Bangladesh.  The success of Bangladeshi people always inspires me.  We want that the new generation to follow in the footsteps of their forefathers who settled in the UK Bangladeshi and use the stories and profiles in the publication as motivation.

The press conference was organised and conducted by Canary Wharf Group’s Head of Community Affairs, Zakir Khan, who has been a long term supporter. The UK & Ireland Country Manager for Biman Bangladesh Airlines, Atique Rahman Chisty said that he was really proud for the partnership with Who’s Who.  He further states that Biman will keep the latest edition of this publication on board so that passengers can read. Not only Bangladeshi passengers will be informed of the success of Bengali achievers, the passengers of different nationalities can also read about the successes of Bangladeshis.

British Bangladeshi Who’s Who’s Chief Editor Abdul Karim Goni said, this publication is now inspiring many and also recording the endeavours of the hardest workers in our community and highlighting their integration and contribution to Britain. Mr Goni added that the publication has stepped forward by achieving partnership with Biman.

This is the first time that Biman included a non-government publication on board.
Among others who were present in the press conference were Barrister Anwar Babul Miah, Community leader Faruque Ahmed,  JMG Air Cargo’s Managing Director Monir Ahmed, Mahbub and Company’s Mahbub Murshed, Media Link’s Managing Director Mujibul Islam, Jonomot’s Managing Director Amirul Islam Chowdhury, NTV Europe’s Director Mostofa Sarwar Babu, Hillside Travel’s Managing Director Helal Khan, Mohammed  Jubair, Cllr Atiqul Haque, Ayub Khan, Enam Choudhury, Shelim Rahman, Hafsa Islam, Sohana Ahmed, Hasina Hussain,Emon Ahmed  and others.