Sarwar Hossain of Bangla TV honoured by Tower Hamlets Council

unnamed (15)Prominent human journalist and News Editor of Bangla TV Sarwar Hossain received Tower Hamlets Speaker Award.  Speaker of the council Khalis Uddin handed over the certificate and crest to Sarwar Hossain  on 15th May in council hall.

The speaker praised highly of the contribution of Sarwar Hossain and emphasised that journalism is playing a very important role in lessening the problems suffered by the community.

He also mentioned that Sarwar Hossain has played a very important role in this field.  He has been working tirelessly and playing an active role improving community cohesion.


Sarwar Hossain started his career working in Doinik Shuprovat published from Chittagong.  He also worked in national daily Shomokal in Bangladesh. After completing his masters degree in Chittagong University, he came to London for higher studies.

He also worked as News Editor of UKBDnew24. He is currently working as News Editor in Bangla TV.


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