Wirral Bengali School observed Independence and National Day

21Wirral Bengali School recently organised an event to observe the Independence and National Day.

The Bengali population across Merseyside came together to celebrate and enjoy this day.

President of GSC Wirral branch Koysor Miah presided over the meeting and General Secretary

Enamul Haque and Nur Absar conducted and presented the event. Mayor Councillor of Wirral Pat

Hackett attended the event as chief guest.

The speakers emphasised on the importance of learning the right history of our independence and

liberation struggle.

Guests who addressed the audience included Jashim Uddin, freedom fighter Sabbir Ahmed

Chowdhury, Fakhrul Alam, Kohinoor Miah, Riaj Rahman, Akbor Ali, Asoddor Ali, Noman Ahmed and


After the completion of discussion part, the Chief Guest handed in prizes for art competition and

badminton tournament.


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