Hastings Bengali Forum observed Independence Day

22Hastings Bengali Forum recently organised a view exchanging meeting to observe the independence

day of Bangladesh. The meeting took place in a hall in East Sussex.

Organisation’s President Abdul Mukith presided over the meeting and General Secretary Shiblu

Sadiq conducted it where Vice-president Abdul Karim delivered the welcoming speech.

Mayor Councillor of Brexil Cllr Simon Ilford addressed the audience as Chief Guest. Special Guests

who addressed the audience included Deputy Mayor of East Borne Council Harun Miah, Marketing

Director of Safe Online Aktaruzzaman, Chairman of Sonar Bangla Anhar Miah, Cllr Gous Chowdhury,

community leader Nurul Amin, Akmot Ali and others.

The speakers emphasised on the struggle of liberation period and expressed their deep gratitude to

those who lost their lives and suffered to achieve the independence of Bangladesh.


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